Cue Card A singer or band you like

IELTS Cue Card A singer or band you like

A singer or band you like.

You should say:

  • Who the singer/band is
  • How did you get to know about this singer/band?
  • What is special about their music?
  • And explain why you like the singer/ band.

Cue Card A singer or band you like

Sample Answer:

I am a music lover, for me music is not just a melody, but emotion in its purest form. I like to be very experimental with what I listen to on a day-to-day basis. I enjoy Pop, Rap, Country, Classic, Spanish, and yes even Korean songs. In fact, today I will talk about one of my favourite KPOP idols, his full name is Kim Woosung, but he goes by the stage name of Sammy or Woosung.

I found his music when I was idly surfing YouTube, I had no particular goal in mind and was just casually listening to music. That’s when I spotted a Music Video named “FACE” by Woosung, I clicked on it as one does.

I can truthfully say, music has never been the same since. I truly grasped the concept of voice, inflection and pitch, for Woosung’s voice was heavenly. He had a particularly unique quiver in his voice, I had never heard anything like it. The beat, the rhythm and style of music just reverberated with me on an entirely new level. What’s more, the music video had models of different ethnicities, something which is rarely found in KPOP. I was intrigued.

I found a couple of his other songs, however it was only a week later that I found out that he is in fact a part of a band named ‘The Rose’. The reason I specified ‘band’ and not ‘group’, is because both have different connotations in KPOP. A group, is generally of four or more members, trained in dance and singing, music production and lyrical content is taken care of by the parent company. A band, however, consists of four members who compose their own music, lyrics, and play everything live instrumentally with vocals.

As soon as I found ‘The Rose’, I knew I had finally found my favourite band, their music goes above and beyond everything else. The emotion, the camaraderie of the members, the love in the fandom, all of it; the whole nine yards. Whenever I listen to their music, I am in awe of Sammy’s angelic voice, the same voice that got me into Black Rose fandom.


Useful words and their meanings
Inflection the way in which the sound of your voice changes during speech, for example when you emphasize particular words
Quiver a slight shake, often because of strong emotion
Reverberate (of sound) to continue to be heard; to echo repeatedly
Camaraderie a feeling of friendliness towards people that you work or share an experience with
Fandom a group of fans of someone or something, especially very enthusiastic ones


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