IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Talk about a book that you have read.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Talk about a book that you have read.

  • Which book is it?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What did you like about the book?

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Sample answer:

Reading books is a very beneficial habit with a lot of advantages. Books are considered as some of the best friends a person can have. I have staunchly believed in this idea since the starting and I love reading books. In fact, reading is my favourite hobby and I am a voracious reader.

I have read a lot of books from different authors and in different genres. My favourite genres are thrillers, adventure, mystery, and conspiracy. The author whose books I like reading the most is Mr. Dan Brown. An extremely brilliant author, he is well known for penning down the character Robert Langdon who is the protagonist of a majority of his works. I have recently finished reading his latest work, ‘Inferno’. It is about Robert Langdon solving a mystery to stop an evil scientist from spreading a lethal virus. The book starts with him waking up in strange surroundings, leading him through the mystery with the climax ending in his failure to stop the virus from infecting the world.

I chose this book as I admire the author’s work and have read all his other titles. Since this book was his latest one, I could not stop myself from buying and reading it. I liked the way the storyline progresses and systematically reveals all the characters in due time. The plot in itself is very detailed and caught my interest very quickly. In addition, I really like the style of writing, the genre, and the attention to detail. Apart from this, the book has helped me with a vivid imagination of the scenarios while I read it, which in itself is amazing.

word meaning
Voracious doing something with great eagerness. Example – Julia is a voracious reader.
Conspiracy a secret plan to do something unlawful. Example – A conspiracy to destroy the government.
Protagonist a leading character in a play, film, novel. Example – James bond is the protagonist of a famous film series.
Genre A category of art, music, or literature. Example – The spy thriller is a very muscular genre.

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