IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: An intense lecture that you attended

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

An intense lecture that you attended


  • When and where was it delivered?
  • Who gave the lecture?
  • What was the lecture about?
  • What did you understand from it?

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Sample answer:

Lectures are one of the best ways in modern days to transfer knowledge to people. Many professors and teachers give lectures in different fields to empower people with education. I have also attended many such lectures.

One such memorable occasion was when I attended a lecture that was delivered in our school auditorium. It took place when I was in the twelfth standard, right after my half-yearly exams in September. I was notified about it a week ago and on the day of the lecture, we assembled in the auditorium. The lecture was from a teacher which was a part of a career counseling team that specializes in providing expert advice to students regarding career issues. The faculty, Mr. Amitabh, came on the stage promptly and went to the podium in order to greet all the attendees. His lecture was vastly detailed and covered topics such as career possibilities, options for higher studies, social stigmas and pressure a student might face, and intellectual development ideas.

Firstly, he started with informing us about various career opportunities and the path to follow to achieve success. Moving on to the social stigmas, he then spoke at length about how to come over such issues and be resolute about the decisions we make. A quite innovative lecture, it covered a lot of ideas through audio-visual mediums as well and was very informative. I got highly impressed by the lecture and took home a better understanding of the decisions I had to take for my career. It was a learning experience and answered all my doubts regarding my future.

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word meaning
Empower To make someone stronger and confident. Example – Knowledge can empower the students.
Counseling Providing professional guidance. Example – Heather decided to take counseling as she was confused about her career options.
Stigma A mark of disgrace associated with something. Example – There is no longer any stigma of being divorced.


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