IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A quiet place where you like to spend time.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A quiet place where you like to spend time.

  • Which place is it?
  • How do you spend time there?
  • Why do you like spending time in that place?
Sample Answer

It is important to spend time in quiet places in the fast-paced life of today. There are a few quiet places around us that we can visit for a few relaxing moments of peace. I would like to talk about a place where I go quite often and I find great comfort in the silence the spot has to offer.

The place I am referring to is a hill next to a shallow stream near my locality. I live in Dehradun which has many such places but they are populated by tourists. This place that I visit is not a tourist attraction and is also not connected to any main roads. In all my time going there I have never seen much people except for the occasional villager passing through. I go there every weekend to enjoy the serenity of the stream, the grassy land, and the hills that tower in front of it. I go there as I like to be surrounded by nature and I can do that there without any unwanted noises.

As soon as I reach this place, I am wrapped in a blanket of calmness and it helps me rejuvenate. I go there because I like writing and the area somehow enhances my creativity to the point where thoughts flow freely and clearly in my mind. I really like going to this location with my writing pad all alone, and write whatever I feel like for hours on end. The time spent there is quality time as I am disturbed by no one, and there is no noise to interrupt my mind.

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