IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A magazine you enjoy reading.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A magazine you enjoy reading.

  • Which magazine is it?
  • Why do you enjoy reading it?
  • What are some good things about the magazine?

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Sample Answer

Magazines are the most circulated print media options after newspapers. These colorful and interesting books are mostly distributed weekly or monthly. Unlike newspapers, magazines have articles, trivia, facts, blog posts, stories, and such other materials instead of daily news. Magazines are highly enticing, and I like to read them due to the diverse content and detailed write-ups they have to offer.

My favorite magazine is Reader’s Digest, and it is a monthly magazine. It is a compact magazine that offers very good and thoughtful articles and covers different topics based on social and economic issues, industry-related problems, in-depth articles and discussions with highly intellectual people, and much more. Circulated worldwide, it is a very knowledge rich book, and also offers short stories, facts, games, and other trivia. After I have read all the articles, I move on to the stories, which never fail to pique my interest. Games such as crossword puzzles are also very enjoyable, as I solve them during my leisure time to exercise my brain.

Other content also includes blogs on health, humor, personality development, opinions, and quotes, amongst other things. All these articles and blogs gathered in one place are what make this magazine highly engaging to read, and I eagerly await each month for the next edition to arrive. The best part of this magazine is that it is family oriented, and contains something for everyone. Not only does it give me a little distraction from my hectic daily routine and tardiness, but also helps me relax as per my convenience.

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