IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Music

Music has changed over a period of decade in the world but the truth still remains that it is one of the most important aspects of life. Many successful people have agreed on to the fact that it is music that has often brought them from the toughest times of their lives. This time, we are looking at the iELTS Speaking cue cards section and give you the sample questions for a cue card recently asked.

Talk about a place where people like to listen to music –

You should say –

– where it is located

– how you heard about the place

– what kind of music you can hear

and say what kind of people usually go there.

It has been two years since Iam living in Bhubaneswar and they have been the most beautiful of the two years of my life. The city has different options to explore and recently I came across a unique place named Musically! It has recently opened up, probably after the name of the app musically and is located at the biggest mall of the city.

The place has all sort of music ranging from the hits of the 90s to the remixed version of them currently hitting the market. Even more, there are songs of around 24 languages from across the world and available for listening online. People come over to the place and have two options. They can either choose to buy songs available or can listen to them from around 100 earphones available in the store.

One can find all categories of people.There are young people listening to the raps and then the older generation listening to the lata mangeshkar songs. What Ilike about the place is that all the music enthusiast come over to the place and enjoy their love for music, often exchanging the kind of songs they like and then talking all about it.

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