IELTS Listening Sample Question # Monkey

IELTS Listening Sample Question Monkey

The audio has been taken from 6 minutes English, by BBC.

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What are humans descendant from?
  2. What is group of animals, of which apes and monkeys are part of, called?
  3. Which organ differentiates between apes and monkey?
  4. What is the word for the situation when one barely manages to escape a difficult situation?
  5. What word is used for a loud, unpleasant sound?
  6. What are small apes called?
  7. How far can the gibbons voice travel?
  8. What kind of songs do gibbons sing?
  9. What is the word used for the different kinds of calling for different purposes?
  10. What is the gradual process of change called?


  1. apes
  2. primates
  3. tails
  4. close shave
  5. screech
  6. gibbons
  7. 1 km
  8. duets
  9. context specific calling
  10. evolution


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