IELTS Letter Sample Answer # Noisy Dog

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.`
Your neighbors have a noisy dog and creates a lot fuss during night. As a result you are not able to sleep. Write a letter to your neighbor. In your letter :
– describe the problem with the dog.
– explain why is it important for you to sleep.
– suggest what your neighbor can do for it.

Dear Mr and Mrs. Joshi,
I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the problems I am facing because of your dog.
You must be already aware of the breed of your dog and the its characteristics. Being a wild dog, it is very obvious that it is going to growl and make loud noises. Recently, the dog has also started making small detours at night around the neighborhood and digging holes in the gardens.
The issue is that I am quite weak at sleep and often get up by the noises. This has led to improper sleep and work issues in my office. I had even consulted a doctor and started taking sleeping pills but then they are having side effects on my body and I cannot continue with it. In addition, I have my GMAT exam next month. Not getting proper sleep is taking toil on me and can create problems in the exam.
I will be grateful if you could keep your dog away for some time, either in a friend or family house or in the dog care center at least till my exam is over, which is one month from now.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

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