IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a time when you lost your way.

Describe a time when you lost your way.
  • When and where did it happen?
  • How did you feel when you were lost?
  • How did you find your way out?

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Sample answer

Everyone visits some new place for leisure or work. We ask people for directions or refer to maps to reach our destinations without getting lost. Sometimes we also lose our way and end up in the wrong place. I can vividly recall one such incident where I was lost in a dense forest.

I am a traveler and I like visiting new places. It was during the last winter in December that I shifted to Dehradun which is a hilly area. As soon as I settled down there I took my car and left for a tourist spot famous for its sunset views. After reaching there I parked my car and walked into the trails enjoying the surroundings. Sometime later when the sun was setting I realized that the trails were a maze and I did not keep track of my way back. It was very cold and fear was settling in as I was all alone.

Meanwhile, my mobile phone battery was drained and I started to look around for help. Without panicking, I looked everywhere carefully for danger or any other person. I suddenly saw a faint light in the distance which was emanating from a bonfire. Consequently, I went up to it and found a few local people camping in the forest. They knew the whereabouts very well and told me the way back to the main road where my car was parked. I thanked them a lot after heaving a sigh of relief. I was genuinely scared due to the possibility of being attacked by a wild animal with no help in sight. But I was glad to find out this group and to receive their reassurance of safety.


word meaning
Trail A narrow path or an unpaved road. Example – Jane went up the mountain trail very quickly.
Maze A confusing network of paths. Example – Alisha was trapped in a maze of corridors.
Panicking To be alarmed and feel nervous. Example – The crowd panicked and ran for the exit.
Reassurance Removing someone’s doubts or fears. Example – Children need reassurance and praise.


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