IELTS Cue Card #Talk about an interview you faced in the past

IELTS Cue Card #Talk about an interview you faced in the past

Talk about an interview you faced in the past.
You should say:

  • When were you interviewed last and for what purpose?
  • What was the nature of the interview?
  • What was its duration and how did you proceed?

And what were your learnings?

IELTS Cue Card #Talk about an interview you faced in the past

Sample Answer :

Well, I had an interview session after my high school, when I was intending to join a science college. It was two years back in 2020.Candidates were being shortlisted for college admissions through interview process. That was also my first interview as I never had the chance to face one during my school time.

About the nature I will say, it was one to one, formally structured interview where all the answers were open ended types. College Principal was the interviewer. After a brief personal introduction, I was asked about my hobbies and subjects of interest. Thereafter, he fired a few question from my high school curriculum, related to the concepts of physics. Most of the questions which he asked were already written on a paper. He used to, kind of classify a few and kept on asking me in a patient manner.

My interview stretched, if I could remember, for nearly 20 minutes. There was no break obviously, for such a short one, although the peon offered me a glass of water in the beginning. To start with, I must admit that I was a little nervous as this interview commenced. Not to the extent of profusely sweating but definitely my anxiety was visible enough, due to which Principal Sir asked me to relax. He helped me develop a steady state of mind over the time and then, I was answering quite confidently. I answered all the questions as per my knowledge and overall it went good.

Since it was my first formal interview therefore it provided me some key learnings. The foremost thing that I learnt was to stay calm and composed during an interview. Puzzlement and anxiety driven mind creates confusion which brings ambiguity in the answers, so it should be avoided. Also, being in the present is an art that I developed over time after facing that interview. Staying focused on the present enhances one’s performance in every work zone.

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