IELTS Cue Card #Speak about a café that you like to visit

IELTS Cue Card #Speak about a café that you like to visit

Speak about a café that you like to visit.
You should say:

  • Where is it and how did you come to know about it?
  • What all does it serve in its menu?
  • When do you visit it?

And what do you like about it?

IELTS Cue Card #Speak about a café that you like to visit

Sample Answer :

Most of us experience this common urge of eating outdoors, in cafes or restaurants, when our appetite is bored with the food cooked at home on daily basis. Therefore, we, either on weekends or on some special occasions, long to take this food break, either in terms of crunchy lip smacking snacks or the spicy regular meal. I am quite fond of having snacks once in a while. Although, in Delhi where I live, we have several cafes serving various appetizers and drinks but my favourite, where I would like to visit frequently is Black Roses, just walking distance afar from my house. It was the inauguration of this café by one of my neighbour friend few months back, where I was invited and it was then, when I came to know about it and had my first meal. I instantaneously liked voguish name of the joint.

This café has a very wide menu having several dishes and snacks in its platter. Some of them are oriental, few are Chinese and some snacks have the exquisite Mexican and Latin flavours. I was even oblivious of many of the menu’s sections and came to know, only after my enquiry from my friend. Typical Japanese sea food and stick noodles is another attraction. They serve vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Breads are made out of bran as well as whole wheat grain, which is very tasty. Additionally, they serve a wide array of juices and shakes with dipped ice creams of different flavours.

I generally visit the place in the evenings of the weekends, when you find it lively with the huzzbuzz of frequent footsteps. It has earned the name very soon and people, even from a little far in the city come here to have the wonderful taste and variety. Interiors of the café have been beautifully embellished with arts and dazzling mosaics. Beautiful chandeliers glitter the place in the evening hours. Operator plays the mystically soft music which sends soothing vibes in that beautiful ambience. Moreover, because of my friend, I am always offered the rebates in my meals which suits my pocket too. So, all these things make it a perfect den for me to visit and I love to have my meal there.

Word Meaning
Vogue fashion: Working mothers are in vogue nowadays.
Oblivious unaware: Man is oblivious of the true purpose of his existence.
Mosaic pattern developed by glass, beads and many other items: Beautiful mosaics decorate the platforms of Delhi metro station.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Do you like to visit alone or with someone in a café?

Sample Answer: Cafes are places where one visits to have some quick tasty food along with some spare time of fun and relaxation. Therefore, I always prefer if I could find a good jovial company along with. Eating food while sharing jokes and discussing funny matters is really very enjoyable.

Q. 2 What do you consider first while visiting a café, money or quality?

Sample Answer: Well, I think I look at both of these aspects. Definitely, ambience of the café and quality of food served is always considered foremost, but then, proportionate cost and expenses are also considered by me. If I can get the same good quality foodstuff without incurring a hole in my pocket, then definitely, I would prefer that one.

Q. 3 Do you think café culture is mushrooming even in small towns? Why?

Sample Answer: Yes, apart from the big metropolitans, one can see the rising no. of cafes even in tier 2 and tier 3 towns. I think we borrow several trends of lifestyle from the west and café culture is one of them. This borrowing has turned convenient and expedient with the latest advances in Information and Communication technologies. One can easily be aware of any western trend in real time in the present times and can easily bring it here. With the expansion of economy and markets along with the higher purchasing power of common man, it is now commonplace to see the cafes in small towns too.

Q. 4 What do you think, are the reasons for spread of cafés?

Sample Answer: As mentioned earlier, western trends are aped by people, especially the youngsters in our country. Tasty snacks and bubbly colas along with few friends in the café ambience make them feel good and cool. Whether it is the corporate discussion of two officials or the rendezvous of young lovers, cafes are considered to be the right spots and this demand spurs the café culture.

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