IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Teaching

Teaching is considered to be one of the most respectable jobs all over the world. We often consider our teachers to be our guides, the ones who would help us in our future endeavors. Better are those teachers who not only teach their students but also help them to have a better overall person. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about the time when you were instead a teacher.

Describe an experience when you taught someone something. You should say –

  • whom did you teach?
  • what did you teach?
  • why did you teach?

also, explain, how you felt about the entire experience.


When I first started to teach, it was purely for money. I was in college and in dire need of money and so started teaching children living near my house. But, my first attempt at teaching students failed miserably and I had no other option than to wait. After around few months, a boy started coming to learn from me. He was a student of Class VII and I had to teach him Math and Science.

Teaching him changed a lot of perspective about how things are for me. It made me more patient and I started thinking from the perspective of the other person. Teaching Abhinav, was more like teaching my brother. He would come up with his questions and then sometimes we would solve riddles together.

It was after I started to teach him that two more students joined in and it was great fun teaching. I made really good friends and they love and respect they bestowed on me was incredible.


I have always have wanted to teach a girl child for as long as possible. Recently, I started teaching the girl of the maid who comes in a nearby house. She is a girl of 9 years but her parents are not able to afford a good school for her. Teaching her is an amazing experience altogether, not only because it is the first time I am teaching only for the joy of teaching. But, because, she and I do not share a common language but still are able to communicate at a level of understanding.

I have been explaining her the basics of education. From reading to writing the alphabets. It has been around 3 months that I have taught her and she is now able to write the basic alphabets and recognize few words. The purest of joy came to me when she read an article from newspaper to me. The reason I started to teach her was that I wanted to share my knowledge base with someone because I felt it is important for everyone to be able to read and write.

What turned out that this experience, in turn, taught me the values of life. It not only made me a more patient person but also the flaws that I have within me. In just a few months, I improved as a personality.


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