IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Prize

Describe a prize you won:

You should say –

  • what was it?
  • what you had to win it?
  • how many other competitors were there

and explain how you felt after winning?


Toastmasters has become an integral part of my life and going to its meeting is a beautiful time spent. The organization organizes few competitions every year and among them, I took part in the evaluation contest. In the contest, there was a speaker and I had to evaluate him on his speech, giving him ideas on where the speech can be improved. There were 16 participants and three judges.

I remember I had a  work priority on the day and I was juggling between the competition and the workplace. And when it was my turn to speak I missed it. They were gracious enough to let me speak at the last. Once my evaluations were over, the results were announced and I had come at the first place.

The feeling was amazing because I had never given evaluations before and it was my first experience. The best part was the feedback that I got from the audience and the speaker. The speaker felt he had never received a better evaluation and the audience wanted to listen more. For me, the prize had become secondary in front of the feedbacks.


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