IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Natural Disaster

IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Natural Disaster

Disasters happen frequently all across the world. Some of them are natural while there are many which are man-made disasters. Some of them are of low frequency while many have the power to shake up the world. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about natural disasters.

Describe a natural disaster that happened in your area. You should say :

  • when did it happen?
  • what was it?
  • how did people react near you?

also, explain what were the major changes that happened post it.


The year was 2013 and our state was shook from its core. I live in Uttarakhand and in a multi-day cloudburst, it all led to massive floods in the year 2013. It was actually the worst natural disaster to happen in India post the tsunami. There was a lot of destruction of pilgrimages and so many people were left stranded all across the state.

I was in Dehradun at that moment, and the floods did not strike us directly but they did indirectly. Our family members who were living in parts of Tehri happened to be all around with floods. The water came in their houses and they had to evacuate. Although their lives were saved their livelihoods were badly impacted. They lost their house, their clothes and had to start afresh.

The huge was so grave that the prime minister took an aerial survey of the entire state and announced 10 billion to the state. There were many other states and countries as well that came in to help the state financially in the crisis situation. After around a year the state is again back to its normal workings. But the remains of the flood sometimes still remind us of how much it impacted all of our lives.


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