IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Trip On Public Transport

There are so many times that we go out to visit places on a public transport. Some of the times the trips are amazing, however there are times when the trips turn out to be night mares for us. This time we are going to talk about a trip on public transport.

Describe a trip that you made by public transport.

You should say:

  • When and where you went
  • What kind of transport you used
  • How was your trip

and explain why did you choose to use public transport

Sample Answer

Public transports, according to my father are the safest means of commuting from one place to another. So, one day, while coming back from shopping, I got late and decided to go by public transport. The place that I went to was 1 hour away from the training center where I had my accommodation fixed.

When I boarded the bus, it was kind of filled and I did not got any seat to sit. However, I thought that it might get empty as the journey would begin as people might start leaving the bus and would go for their homes. But, it was a wrong speculation made which I realized later on. With time passing by, more and more people started filling in and at one point of time we were all standing neck to neck with each other having no space between two bodies.

To worsen the situation, the bus did not had any opened windows and after some time it became very suffocating. Initially, I thought I will be able to bare it but to my surprise, after twenty minutes I fainted. I could barely stand and the girl sitting next to me, gave me her seat. It was a lovely gesture that she did and I thanked her for it.

The seat was a real relief, although there were still so many people standing on my head, with me being able to sit, I was able to regain some energy. The girl left the bus after some time and the one hour long journey came to end after some time.

It was a real terrific experience for me because I was emaciated and torn. It was that day that I swore not to travel by public transport. However, later I had to because of certain reasons, but the travel was fine. I suppose, it must have been a bad day.

Public transports are the most common way to commute between cities in our country. Most of the people use public transports like city bus or inter-city buses to travel. Last month I had to go to Puri to visit the Puri Rath Yatra and planned to travel by a taxi. However, due to some reasons the taxi driver refused to come and I had to travel using public transport. I chose the city bus to reach the bus stand and then from there took the bus to reach Puri.

Initially, I did not got seat for five minutes, but the conductor was kind enough to make changes in the seat arrangement and make sure that I have the seat, in the next five minutes. I got a window seat and was able to see the scenery outside. It was a real beautiful experience for me as it was the time of Rath yatra and along with me there were several other devotees. Some of them started chanting mantras and songs in praise of their deities. The entire environment was so soothing and nice that one could just instantly fall in love with everything.

I reached Puri in about an hour and half and from there went to the Rath Yatra. On coming back, I again preferred the city bus service as I found them really nice and comfortable.


We all love our parents and believe that parents do play a very important role in everyone’s life. But the one parents, or for that matter, the one mother that I truly adore is the mother of great scientist Thomas Alva Edison. I don’t know much about her because of the reason that there is so less said about her but the one incidence that is talked about gives a lasting impression of the kind of lady she was.

It is said that once Thomas came back home with a note saying that he cannot read or write anymore and his mother read it and told that he is brilliant and can achieve whatever he thinks he can. Instead of losing faith on his child because of what the school said, her mother believed his child. She taught him and I think it was only because of her that the world had one of the greatest scientist of the century, Thomas Alva Edison.

There are parents who love their child, ones who teach their child but someone who could trust their  child even when the world went against them, it requires lot of love, perseverance and trust.

I believe to be a good parent requires you to be great individuals first. Because a child often learn more by what he or she sees than what he or she is told to do. Apart from that the one thing which I believe truly separates normal parents from the great parents, is the trust they have on their child and his or  her potential. It surely takes lot of love and more important trust ones own upbringing to be able to trust the child completely.

I believe it is only when a child is trusted and told that he or she is trusted that the true nature of the child evolves.



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