IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Photograph

Photograph is that one thing that we all go back again and again and remember the times when we the photograph was clicked. With smart phones becoming part of our lives, photographs have come more alive into our lives. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about a photograph that you love of yourself.

Describe a photo of yourself that you like

  • when the photo was taken
  • how this photograph was taken
  • where the photo was taken
  • who took the photo

and explain why the photo was taken or why you think it is a good photo

You should say:


With smart phones, it is very difficult not to click selfies but I think the one photo that I really love of myself is not from a smart phone but a simple digital camera. It was the first year of my bachelors and I went to Shahastradhara along with my friends for celebrating a birthday.

The place was amazing and after having fun in the water we all started clicking photographs. There were some in which we all were there and then few in which we all stood alone. Out of them, there was this photo where I am smiling and have got hat on my head and the hair are perfectly falling. There is no make up and it is just simply true me and I love it. The photo has something about it, may be the positivity, the innocence or the happiness that I had during that period of life, it leaves me feeling awed about myself.

The photo was taken by my friend and she randomly clicked it without much fuss. In the background of the photograph is plain water and just strikes for nothing particular yet in combination just feels right.

There have been so many photos that I have clicked and with smart phones it just gets so much more fun to click a photo. Although, there have been so many photos but I think the one photo that I really love of myself is the one where I am sitting beside my mother. So, we were in a wedding and every one was talking but then me and my mother were having an argument, the silly arguments that a daughter has with her mother.

And in the end of the argument, I was looking at my mother with a lovely smile, while my mother was frowning. It still is a mystery to all of us as to who actually clicked the photo and when, but this is the photo that I really love. Me and my mother in a single frame, perfectly depicting the sweet and salty relationship that I share with my mother.

There is certainly no specific reason why the photo was clicked. It was like the weeding day and everyone was just randomly clicking photos, this photo is one of the random photos that clicked on the wedding days yet remains to be the most special photo that I have from the wedding.


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