IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Journey You Went

Describe a journey you went on –
You must say –
– Where did you go on your journey?
– Why did you got to this particular place?
– What did you do and with whom?
and describe why you enjoyed your journey? Or if not why?


I like visiting to random places without much information and planning and figure out things for myself. One such trip that I took with my father was a journey to Nainital.

The journey was one of the best I had taken in several years and it happened around three years back. We all were at our maternal grand parents house and my uncle came and invited me, my brother and my cousin brother to go to Almora, that is the place where my paternal grand-parents lived. I was very much excited about the trip and had my bag packed and was about to leave when my mother objected, saying I can’t go.

I felt very bad and ended up crying that day. The next day my father came to me and said that he wanted to go to market to buy things and he wants me to come along. To my surprise instead of going to the market, we went on to the road that took us to Nainital, a hill station in India. It was a fantastic road with great weather. The best part was we were travelling on a scooty on hills, so we couldn’t go beyond 20 km/hr. Going smoothly and slowly, my father told me about his school days, he showed me the place he visited as a child and the first place he worked at. The journey was like a father telling his experiences to his daughter while driving a scooty in the hills and eating corn.

After about 2 hours, we reached Nainital, and that was really special, because me and my father were doing boating for the first time and that to together. It was Nainital and all of the hills were surrounding us, there was this beautiful voice of birds and ducks. He told me about how the place used to be and how it has changed. So, for me it was a very emotional and exciting trip.

On reaching home, everyone was like you just went for an hour and it is now ten hours. We all laughed and it is still the most memorable trip that I had.

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