IELTS CUE CARD #Describe an argument with your family member

IELTS Cue Card #Describe an argument with your family member

Describe an argument with your family member.
You should say:

  • Who did you have argument with and when?
  • What was the point of contention and how did it ensue?
  • How did it end up? Was there any mediator?

and how did you feel about it then and now?

IELTS CUE CARD # Describe an argument with your family member

Sample Answer :

A particular idea, opinion, view or logic might not fit into the other person’s perspective as reasonable as in yours, and this sprouts the arguments. Sometimes, even in a family a particular issue may not go well with the other family members which locks their horns. In my case, I had an argument with my father, sometime back, when I was in my final year of graduation.

Well, I was demanding for a new sports bike to my father on the eve of my convocation. I already had a bike with me but my eyes were all set on the upcoming new model. It was my usual manner of demanding and I just came up with this idea of a new bike. My father initially seemed to be unbothered but suddenly he came up with a stern NO. At first, I was mixed up with the confusion but then, when I insisted, my father sprung up with arguments of the risks involved in plying a sports bike in my high flying young age. I, then, started rebuffing his points made and came up with my favourable arguments like My friends also have this bike, it saves travel time and kept on stressing my bent for the bike.

And yes, my mother intervened in between and held our horses then. I was thinking what exactly my mother would say at that point. For a gap of few seconds I even felt fearful whether she would support my father and with a majority stake, my parents would kill my dream of having that special bike. But then she came up with a new idea of gifting me the car instead of bike because of safety concerns. As I was free to pick up my choice of car and because of the safety features involved in it, I gave my consent. Surprisingly, my father who seemed a bit reluctant on any gift, agreed too.

During the heat of our argument, I was feeling very agitated and upset. I was fearful too of not having that new bike. Even the pitch of my voice went high then, but later on, with the offer of my mother, I felt calm and happy with the idea of having a car instead. Now when I think of that argument, I feel a little tingly pleasure in the unilateral stubborn argumentative fervour of that young lad.



Word Meaning
Rebuff abrupt rejection: Teacher rebuffed the students’ demand for an extra holiday.
Unilateral relating to a single perspective: Govt should consult multistakeholders before taking any unilateral decision.
Stubborn difficult to change: Children generally have a stubborn attitude.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Why do we have arguments in a family?

Sample answer: Most of the times, argument centres over material things and resources. Generally, the children argue with the parents over these expensive things, which parents feel reluctant to buy for children at a young age. Sometimes, argument may ensue among the elders also regarding some decision and course of action.

Q. 2 Are family arguments disruptive to the healthy functioning of a family?

Sample answer: No, I don’t think so. Arguments always arise from the conflict of opinions, which is a very usual phenomenon, as all the members may not agree unanimously. But, once the heat of these arguments is steamed off, even more affection and love is built thereupon.

Q. 3 What are your views about arguments outside the family?

Sample answer: I think, one should avoid indulging in arguments and altercations outside the family. People in the society may not be receptive to our ideas and points of view and because of aloofness, it is very difficult for either party in argument to convince the other amicably. Therefore, this leads to the heated arguments and often the violent encounters. Therefore, one should avoid it.

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