IELTS Cue Card #Describe a resolution you made in new year

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a resolution you made in new year

Describe a resolution you made in new year.
You should say:

  • What was the resolution and why did you make it?
  • How would you fulfil this resolution?
  • How would you feel after fulfilling it?

And how will you react in case of failure.

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a resolution you made in new year

Sample Answer :

New year arrival is considered to be an auspicious beginning of the good things in our lives. People like to streamline their lives with adoption of productive activities and creative inspirations. On the other hand, they want to get rid of malicious thoughts with a new start on new year eve. Such vows provide an anchor to affix determination needed to accomplish a particular task or behaviour. On this new year, I also made a resolution, which is to achieve a band score greater than 8 in IELTS exam. Last year, I attempted this exam only once and I got a band score of 7. I have the requirement of higher band in order to crash through the best universities abroad. I was lacking in my time devotion and sincere hard work, therefore, I decided to bring corrections by taking this resolution.

To fulfil this resolution, I would be working very hard with a proper result oriented approach. The brilliant techniques elaborated by my teachers would be instrumental in enhancing my approach and methodology of preparation. Study material provided by the institute would be learnt by heart. I shall be focused on my studies and would be devoting extra hours for my study sessions. Moreover, I shall be attending every classroom session this time, which I used to miss previously. Along with that, I would be involving myself in speaking and listening sessions with my friend, informally too. After meticulous efforts and virtuously working upon the feedbacks, provided by teachers for improvement, I am confident of getting a score of band 9.

There are no permanent fulfilments or failures. By fulfilling my resolution, I would feel confident and the sense of accomplishment would sweep me with joy and enthusiasm. But, even in case of failure I won’t be deterred by the disappointment. With my relentless spirit and undying hope, I shall reappear in the exam and will crack it with greater efforts.

Word Meaning
Malicious harmful: Good souls don’t carry malicious intentions for anyone.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 When did you make resolution on new year, first time? Why?

Sample answer: I still remember making my first new year resolution when I was in fourth standard. Our class teacher instructed us to take up a fresh resolution on every new year. This helps us to channelize our energies in a manner, so as to achieve our resolved ambition.

Q. 2 Do you personally think that resolutions help us achieve our goals?

Sample answer: Yes, I am an ardent supporter of faith and confidence within oneself. Vows help us in providing a flagpost reference, a motivation, by looking at which, consistently, we can keep ourselves focused and determined in our actions.

Q. 3 Do you think that one possesses regrets, in case of not fulfilling a resolution?

Sample answer: I believe that one should be honest with himself at all the times. Imbibing honesty in all your actions directed towards the resolution fulfilment. By doing that, one can feel confident of putting his best efforts. Despite that, if one meets failure, he should not be dejected with a bag of regrets. He should rather prolong his resolution for the next best attempt.

Q. 4 Do you think resolutions as necessary in any endeavour?

Sample answer: Not at all. I do not consider resolution as the only sufficient measure to achieve goals. With a sense of responsibility and apt maturity, one can affirm and internalize the same degree of sincerity and motivation within him. If one keeps his motivation alive all the time, then one may not cling to the psychological hook of resolution.

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