IELTS Cue Card #Describe a person you follow on social media

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a person you follow on social media

Describe a person you follow on social media.
You should say:

  • Who is he and how did you come to know about him and started following him?
  • What are his posts on social media all about?
  • Why do you follow him? What qualities of him impress you most?

And is he famous enough or do you think he deserves more.

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a person you follow on social media

Sample Answer :

Nowadays, social media is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Accessibility and affordability of Internet connection with apposite phones and other devices has spurted the digital ecosystem, overall. Netizens generally have tendency to associate in like-minded forums or groups. I have this hobby of reading psychological blogs from different authors. One day while surfing on the net, I came across a very interesting extract about crime psychology. It was exposing some of the primitive basic instincts responsible for inducement of criminal tendencies. For e.g.: Crime in many cases originate from overwhelming love for someone, which altogether, sounds like a paradox. I read the name of the author, which was E. Heisenberg. From that day onwards, I made it a point to follow his thread.

As I mentioned a while ago, Heisenberg publishes psychology articles, most of them related to crime psychology and mental distortions. He has a compilation of short stories too. The posts inform you about various conflicting tendencies in our subconscious mind which ultimately give rise to mental disorders. He can be called as quasi Freudian, but he supplements the text with his own insights and evidences.

First of all, I would like to mention that he is an honourable faculty in prestigious Harvard university, as a Professor of Psychology. Extensive research and several thesis formulations, that he had undertaken in the last few years are simply impressive. His objectivity, accuracy and verifiability of his experimental research makes him truly exceptional. He has that acumen of observing the silent depths of the discipline.

For people like Heisenberg, fame is an irrelevant and unwarranted award. They remain focused on their work only. But, yes, otherwise he is admired by not just intelligentsia but receives adulations from the common man too, who finds his short stories meaningful to read.

Word Meaning
Ubiquitous present everywhere: God’s presence is ubiquitous.
Apposite appropriate: Bride found the apposite match in this wedding.
Paradox contradictory: Sachin getting out at 0 for three matches in a row is a paradox.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 What are the main benefits of social media?

Sample answer: Social media is a digital platform, where information can be disseminated to millions of active users. Current affairs, editorials, texts, posts, mails, discussions and so many other streams of information are available on social media. Therefore, it’s a good source of knowledge. Apart from that, movies, theatre, reality programmes, songs and many such things make it an ideal junction for entertainment too. One feels democratic in freely expressing his views on social media regarding any topic or issue.

Q. 2 What are the harmful effects of social media?

Sample answer: The tendency of addiction, to access the social media throughout the day and night, is commonplace nowadays. This harms our neck, spine, eyes and overall sitting posture, when we immerse in social media continuously for hours. This is a serious implication for youngsters and children. Similarly, it distorts the sense of reality and our feelings and emotions take a virtual mode. It is very common to see nowadays, members in one home, one family devote most of their time bugged in their mobiles rather than having a joyous or serious discussion with others. This actually breeds separation in long run.

Q. 3 What are the evident changes in children after incursion of social media?

Sample answer: Most notabely, Social media has played the role of a distractor in children’s lives. Today, most of the children spend their quality time engrossed in mobile games or some other indoor fun sticks. Outdoor community games are shrinking. This hampers their physical growth and socialization. They also turn less focused on academics because of social media. Creativity and hard work is minimum when they can copy, paste their homework from social media.

Q. 4 Do you feel social media should be restricted?

Sample answer: Not at all, I have mentioned the benefits too along with the shortcomings. I just want to say that parents should regulate their children well, so they are minimally exposed to social media at a young age, as it has no direct applications for that age. Even the adults should avoid its uninterrupted access and should use it in a balanced manner.

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