Describe something important you lost in the past.

Describe something important you lost in the past.
  • What did you lose?
  • When and where did you lose it?
  • Why was it valuable to you?
  • What did you do afterward?

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There are many things that we tend to lose sometimes due to different reasons. I have also lost a few things during the course of my life, due to negligence or ignorance. One such incident took place when I lost my wristwatch. I remember the incident as that watch held a very special significance in my life.

This happened two years ago in the month of January. I was visiting another city in order to attend a friend’s wedding. After reaching my hotel and after getting ready I immediately left for the cocktail party event which was taking place in a famous club there. While partying, I was instantly lost in the moment with my friends. We had a lot to drink and eat and lost track of time as the evening progressed. I must have taken off my watch and kept it somewhere as I realized that it was missing while leaving. I desperately tried to look for it afterward but to no avail. Subsequently, I notified the staff and they promised to look for it. Next morning I went back to the club only to be notified that they were unable to find it.

I was depressed and cursed myself for my negligence. That watch was very valuable to me as it was not only a gift from my grandfather but his only belonging that I had. I urged the club staff to try once again and came back with a heavy heart. Following this incident, I vowed to be aware of my belongings at all times so that such incidents can be avoided.

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word meaning
Negligence Failure to take proper care. Example – George’s injury was due to the negligence of his employers
Ignorance lack of information. Example – John acted in ignorance of basic procedures
Progressed moved forward in time. Example – as the century progressed the quality of telescopes improved
Vowed solemnly promise. Example – the rebel soldiers vowed to continue fighting


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