IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Talk about a good news that you heard recently.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Talk about a good news that you heard recently.

  • What was the news?
  • Who gave you this news?
  • How did this news affect you?

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Sample Answer

In my life, I have received a lot of news that has affected me in different manners. There has been good news that made me feel elated, while some times brought discouraging news with them. One such memorable time when I received good news was when my elder cousin decided to get married.

He is paternal uncle’s son and they were trying to find a suitable match for him for the last two months. They finalized the bride during this January and when everything was decided, they broke the news to us. I was elated by this good news and felt happy for my brother.

This news was overwhelming as my brother has faced a lot of adversities moving up in life. He pursued a very tough degree in management while working alongside. He has lived a very simple life without any luxuries in order to save money for starting up his own business. He has now finally settled down his company and works day and night to progress.

He was very happy while giving me the news of his marriage as he had met the prospective bride and spoke to her at length. He had come to know that their thoughts matched and they had a lot of common interests. I am genuinely happy for my brother as his dream of starting a family has finally come true and we are excited to welcome one more member into our family.

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