IELTS Cue Card # Sport

Sports are surely an integral part of our lives. No matter you love any kind of sport in particular or not, there are very few chances that you might not have played one. However, most people don’t take up sports seriously until its too late. Today ,in this cue card we will be talking about a sport that you would love to learn.

You should say:

  • What sport it is ?
  • How you would learn it?
  • How difficult you think it would be to learn?

and explain why you would like to learn this sport.

Sample Answer One

I have never been a very sporty person during my childhood but the one sport that I have always played has been badminton. Growing up, I do realize the importance of sports in life and would wish to learn badminton all over again.

The company that I am working in has badminton court in it and whenever I do get time I go out to the badminton court and play with my friends and sometimes even make new friends. What I have been told from people who actually play really well is that badminton is really about stamina and your strength of arm. So, the more stamina that you have and the more power you have in your arm, the better it is.

Listening to what people have to say about badminton, I think learning it won’t be a very difficult thing but yes, mastering it would surely be. So, definitely I would be able to play some shots here and there, but beating the best and improving myself would certainly be a task.

Badminton is that one sport, I believe is actually not bounded by any of the parameters like weather and location. One can have the court anywhere and then you can just go there and enjoy the game. Even more, one can even play it with oneself with wall, i.e. shadow practicing. It improves so much in an individual and so nicely that I really do wish to be able to play badminton well.

Sample Answer Two

If ever there has been a sport that I have admired and looked at it in wonder as to how can someone even do that it definitely has to be table tennis. It has always been a wonder to me as to how can someone hit the ball so hard and then be sure that it will not fall of the small court that table tennis has.

The locality that I live in has a table tennis court that allows you to play, if you have membership and I have recently taken its membership. Although, I have just started playing the game, there have been people who have come forward to help me and have been truly encouraging. Telling me to be focused and play the game, even though it seems tough. Although, I have not started playing well, but surely I have learnt to make sure that the ball falls inside the court and not out of it.

It does not seems very difficult now, although I was very much disappointed in the initial days. With practice I believe it will be easier for me to play but surely this game will require lot of practice. The best part about the game is that it is not only about hitting the ball, it is about having a strong concentration, so if you don’t have it the game is over. Even more, it is not about thinking about the previous ball, no matter how good or bad you have played the previous ball, it is all about playing the current one in the best possible way. This has truly been a life lesson and I would love to play the game more and grab up some more of life lessons.


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