IELTS CUE CARD # Describe an area of science that interests you or you are interested in

Describe an area of science that interests you or you are interested in
You should say:
 What area of science it is
 What is it about
 How you got interested in it
And explain why you enjoy it so much
I think that science has made an immense contribution in uplifting human society. It primarily
has 3 branches, physics, chemistry and biology and if I talk about myself, I am particularly
interested in biology and would like to talk about the same.
This area of science involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical
structure, development and evolution on the Earth. I got interested in this subject when I was
in 6 th standard, as the subject was introduced to me for the very first time. My school books
were full of pictures of animals and plants. I was surprised to learn how a tiny seed grows into a
healthy plant, different species of flora and fauna; habitat in which they can survive and the
features which help them to do so. Whenever, I saw a picture of a plant or an animal it made
me even more curious about this subject.
My teacher, Mrs Rawat was an exceptionally knowledgeable person and she made this subject
easy and fun learning with her teaching skills. I remember vividly, there was a science lab in my
school where we used to go every Saturday to carry out experiments and the activity I enjoyed
doing in the lab was to observe micro-organisms with the microscope. There were times when
students did not understand the lessons for the first time and Mrs Rawat have not scolded any
children when they ask for an explanation to the teacher. In fact, for better understanding of
certain aspects she often organized trips. Once our school organized a trip to Botanical Garden
in Kolkata. It was a memorable trip and I had learnt a lot from this trip about different species
of plants.
Although, I have not studied biology in my college, I have a keen interest in this subject and in
order to know more about different life forms and to keep my interest intact in this subject I do
watch wildlife and plant shows on educational channels like Planet Earth and Discovery.

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