IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay: Watching television for long period.

IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay

Some people are watching television for long periods of the day. Give reasons why they do this and suggest what should be done to encourage them to have a more active lifestyle.

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Sample Answer

It has been observed that people are more inclined towards watching television these days. There are many reasons behind developing this habit among people. It has become a serious problem in society. However, few things can be taken to present the adverse effect of this problem.

Nowadays, stress has become a part of everyone’s life. Not to speak of working professionals, even students are also not untouched by this feeling. To release this stress, everyone needs some activity. Television is the best option they find to get entertained. Secondly, women who do not work outside their homes, for them television is a great source to pass their leisure time. Moreover, higher competition amongst satellite channels has resulted in different categories of programmes that attract all age group of people. These days, there are separate channels for entertainment, news, sports, music and sports. These options keep them glued to the screen.

There are few suggestions to resolve this problem. Firstly, one should try to generate new hobbies so that they can utilize their time in some fruitful activities instead of being inactive. Further, people can set some rules in family, for instance, every member should talk to each other and discuss how they spend their days. This custom will not only help them to share their feelings with other members but also family support is going to strengthen them to cope with day-to-day life stress. Finally, those who spend maximum time at home, they can be the part of any social or cultural group where they can indulge in creative activities like painting, music and arts and crafts.

To conclude, though it is true that people are spending more time in front of television. I assert that by implementing the above mentioned suggestions, people can change their lifestyles from sedentary to more active.

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