IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Importance Of Pets

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that having a pet helps old people in living a more healthier and enjoyable life.

In what ways do old people benefit from having a pet? Do you think there are any problem associated with old people having pet?

Write at least 250 words.


Loneliness can become an unwelcome companion as one gets older and can lead to depression and physical problems. Pets surely prove to be a great companion for old people.

Firstly, most of the pets such as dogs tend to mold themselves according to the routine and personality of the care taker making the old people feel as if they have a friend beside them. Secondly, having a pet is a responsibility  The routine of caring for a pet can give structure and purpose to daily life. Thirdly, people benefit from regular exercise and old people especially need it. It is very simple to miss on it if you are alone, but having a pet, it is quite obvious that you need to play with them or take them out for a walk etc daily.

Importance Of Pets

Importance Of Pets

On the other hand, pets do bring along with them some issues. The major concern is the harmful effects of the animal hairs on the trachea of the old people ,especially the ones with asthma. The second issue is that old people themselves require care and concern and it is not always possible for them to cuddle the pet, causing distress in pets as well as dogs.

Overall, adopting pets surely brings along with it problems for the old people, one cannot deny the benefits of mental and physical health come with pets in the lives of old people. In my opinion, instead of not keeping pets, further support will be more beneficial.



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