Essay # Companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves

IELTS Writing Task-2# Essay

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think that it is good, while others think it has some disadvantages. Discuss both views.


In today’s competitive market, sports advertising has a vast scope. Some people opine that sports sponsorship is a great marketing tool in order to promote their products. However, others believe that this marketing trend has tremendous drawbacks. And in this essay, I will discuss both points of view. 

Sports sponsorship is considered as a lucrative industry across the globe, companies promote and publicize their products. Therefore, it provides an increase in sales, improves brand positioning and the brand gains popularity. In addition, it is also beneficial for the team as companies sponsor them with monetary resources which improves their performance and helps them gain popularity. Moreover, if a company becomes a brand ambassador of leading sports teams, they can gain huge profits by investing in sports events.

Opponents of this view believe that advertising through sports events is a deceptive way of marketing commercial goods. With increased commercialization of athletics and other sports activities, there is a higher chance of sportsmanship corruption. Furthermore, it would result in impulsive buying as people would be encouraged to purchase products which they rarely use in daily life. For instance, people buy products just because it is endorsed by their favorite cricket or basketball player.       

To sum up, funding sports events can be advantageous for both the parties, the team and the company sponsoring them. Controversial issues and conflicts can be avoided if the companies sell quality products and the sports team plays honestly without adapting to any corruptive methods like match fixing and bribery.

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