IELTS ESSAY : Shopping As The Most Favourite Pastime. Is It Right ?

Writing Task 2: IELTS ESSAY :Shopping as the most favourite pastime.Is it right ?

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write on the following topic:

Shopping is the favourite pastime for most of the young people. Why do you think is that?
Do you think they should be encouraged to do some other useful activities?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Sample answer:

With the arrival of modernisation, people around the world has developed various hobbies and activities to pursue in their leisure time. The youth has strangely picked up shopping as their favourite pastime. This essay will describe why more youngsters get involved in it and how they can be diverted so that they can utilise their time effectively.

First of all, with the coming of shopping malls and huge media promotions, it is very difficult to not get attracted. People prefer to keep an account of their interests and shop efficiently. For example, my mom is a huge fan of watches. She visits the brands once in a month in search of a good catch. Further, the malls are well equipped with air conditioners and various entertainments so it proves as a resting hub for lot of people.

Irrespective of the bits and fancy eye appealing things, youngsters should look for other rewarding pastimes. For example, they should take up physical activities as a hobby which can help maintain their physical and mental health.

To sum up, shopping is gaining momentum and popularity however youngsters should be given correct guidance and showed the right path.


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  • Shopping is the favorite pass time of most of the young people. Why do you think is that? Do you think they should be encouraged to some useful activities?*

    With the dawn of modernization, people tend to have different hobbies according to the ever-changing trends. Youth, specifically, is usually considered to be more inclined towards shopping as their free-time activity. This development is caused by certain factors which would be discussed in detail along with the prospective constructive activities opted by the youngsters.

    The foremost reason of adopting shopping as a hobby is exorbitant marketing. Most of the young people are attracted through eye-catching adverts and promotional offers by the various brands because of which the people are fascinated; and consequently, the free time is allocated to shop. It has been reported in a survey by the salesmen of Edenrobe, a textile brand, that the number of shoppers is relatively higher when the products are promoted through various discounts and offers. Moreover, the activity is caused due to the rapid change in fashion trends among young generation. Those who want to keep a pace with the modern clothing and styling are tend to spare extra time for shopping.

    Undeniably, a large amount of money and time is wasted on shopping; therefore, the youth should be motivated to adopt some beneficial hobbies. They are required to opt for such leisure-time activities due to which they would be benefitted in a number of ways. To exemplify, if they are enthused of book-reading, their brains would be stimulated; thus the cognition would be improved as well. In addition to this, their knowledge would be enhanced at the same time. On the other hand, dedicating unnecessary time to shopping is only a wasteful activity except the time spent on buying actually required productd.

    To conclude, it is evident that the adolescents are attracted to shopping due to the variety of spell-binding advertisements and promotions; however, they could be motivated to spend their free time more wisely on the activities which could lead them towards knowledge and learning.

  • With the modrenisation and advancement of science and technology hobbies of young generation have been changed. Now young generation spend a lot 0f time in searching and purchasing things of their intrest. Rather they selecting other useful activities as hobby they spend a lot of tiem and money which is not good for them in long terms they should be encouraged to do other activities to spend good time.
    Young generation prefer to adopt them selves according to their sournding there are number of factors that develop their intrest in shopping as their leisue activities. First and most important youngsters use social sites where they get attracted by various things that other people use for example boys are very interested in electronic gadgets and motorbikes . similar cosmetic products are attraction for girls. Advertisement on television also insoire them to get that thing for them. Secondly now shopping malls are very facilitated and have cafes , salons , resturants also brands offer discount around the year which is major reason of their attention. Now youngsters are more interested to show off their money so thet buy best brands to creat impression.
    Excess of everything is bad spending to much money on shopping can cause problem for them in future they will not save money for themselves . to fulfil their desire they may use some illegal ways to collect money for shopping. This will develop infreorty complex in children of their age.
    I my opnion young generation should be motivated to toward activities that help them to learn and express themselves. Like playing music , painting something writing poetry etc. physical activities are also important so playing games also help to maintain their body and develop patience in them as well.
    I conclude my essay with the view that young people should be encouraged to adopt healthy activities for their body and mind . pastime activity should be meaningful and fun as well.

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