Essay # In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge.

IELTS Writing Task 2 # Essay

In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge. In the future, job applicants may not need any formal qualifications. 

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer-  

Practical skills and theoretical knowledge are two completely far-off approaches to learning. While theoretical education will help one to get a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and how a particular mechanism works. But without practical knowledge one cannot put their efficiency into practical usage. In my opinion, in today’s job market theoretical knowledge’s importance cannot be entirely overlooked.    

Formal qualifications help a person learn why and how skills are used and implemented. It is more preferable in today’s job market as without theoretical knowledge tasks cannot be performed in a job. The theory is important from a job’s point of view because it gives a deeper insight into a context. In fact, professionals like teachers, lawyers, doctors cannot execute work without formal qualifications and a degree. 

On the other side, some people disagree as they think practical skills are far more important for a person’s functioning at a professional place. Certain things can only be learned through experience and performance. For instance, for a designer or an artist practical skills like creativity and innovative ideas that they gain with training is more beneficial that theory. Similarly, there are many people who were college drop-outs but presently they are doing wonders in their lives.

In the end, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are interconnected as they complement each other. Therefore, though practical skills are given more weightage in the job market these days, formal qualifications should not be denied as it helps make an individual’s future career more prosperous.


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