Make A Sentence

The most important thing about learning a language is learning its grammar. The IELTS writing task asks you write 250 words, but then there you do not need to write random 250 words, you are rather asked to write sentences, paragraphs..

If you want to learn what a sentence it and the grammar rules associated with it, click on Sentences.

In this post, we shall be practicing sentences –

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to re assemble them and make a sentence.

1. of/suing/it/fake/reviews/thousand/place/than/who/world/,/is/Amazon/,/largest/more/to/people/write/market/the/on/online/offering/accuses/its website

Answer– Amazon, the world largest online market place, is suing more than 1000 people who it accuses of offering to write fake reviews on its website.

2. before/premonition/her/she/about/days/assassinated/Indira Gandhi/has/a/death/was/

Answer– Indira Gandhi has a premonition about her death days before she was assassinated.


Answer- The Times says repairs to the tower must begin as soon as possible.


Answer- In the great social scramble for pole position one of the sharpest rapiers is the personal remark.


Answer-Had the beef debate been about killing animals and not just one divine species, more people from across all religions would have sided with vegetarians.


Answer –There was no immediate response from Walmart’s corporate headquarters here on the wall street journal report on bribery by its executive in India.


Answer- This habit was soon turned into a hobby and was encouraged by my family and friends.


Answer- We have checked all the footage, which clearly suggested that Hardik did commit an offence of insulting the national flag.


Answer- We have put out the criterion for visits by naval ships.

10.I/I/that/too/conclusion/think/she/similar/noticed/it/realized/had/and/reached/ Answer- I think she realized that I had noticed it too and reached similar conclusions.


Games For Topic Sentence

When writing something, you write it for the reader and have to make sure that he/she understands the topic clearly.To do this,you need to practice writing clear topic sentence. Topic sentence helps the reader to follow the plan of your essay. Let us now practice writing topic sentence by playing games for topic sentence.


answer- there are many reasons why pollution in venus is the worst in the universe.
it clearly states the topic- “pollution in venus”

practice topic sentence


Answer – To be an effective leader, requires dedication.
It clearly states the topic i.e. effective leader

Answer – Remodeling the office successfully requires research and a good eye.
The main idea is remodeling the office

Answer – Having a first child is difficult because of the significant adjustments in your life.
The main idea is the first child.

Answer – Graduating from college is important for many different reasons.
The main idea is graduating from college

So, go on practice these topic sentences and make sure you learn the art of writing effective topic sentences.

Family # Writing Practice

Have you found yourself in a situation when you had an idea in your head but you could not explain it? When you felt a choke in your neck, as if you want to say something but the word just doesn’t comes out and in that struggle you mumble different words which have no meaning all together. Well, this happens because you have a weak vocabulary or you don’t know how to use the words that you know. It might also be possible that you are not confident, but for now, we shall consider the previous two conditions i.e. either you have a weak vocabulary or you don’t know how and when to use those words.
So, be calm and delve into the new venture of learning words and using them in an exciting way.
In this first article, we will begin with something we all are part of and we all love, FAMILY.
Now, every topic has its own vocabulary( words related to it). And family is no different.
Check out the entire list of family vocabulary HERE.
Now, let us start using them.
About My family.
So, let us begin. When asked about your family, there are few things you have to tell.
1. Who do you live with?
Now, suppose you live with your parents and have a brother or a sister. You must write, I live with my mother, my father and a younger brother.
What have you done, you have used the verb- live, wrote the names of the people you live with. And that is all required to begin with.
2. Where do you live?
Now, there has to be some place where you are currently staying. State the name of the place. You must write, I live in Dehradun( now this place can be anywhere in the world).
3. Now, you need to elaborate.
Tell, more about your parents and your brother or sister.
My mum’s name is Catherine.
She is Indian and speaks Hindi and Kumaoni.
She is a home maker.
She is tall and a little plum, she’s got long brown hair, brown eyes.
My dad’s name is Philip.
He is an Indian as well.
He is tall and a little fat. He has got black hair and brown eyes.
He works in a Thermal Power Plant.
My brother is Mayank.
He is an engineering student and loves to read engineering books.
He is tall, and has got brown hair and eyes.

Choose the correct option-

  1. We lives in Dehradun.
  2. We live in Dehradun.
  1. She speak Hindi and Kumaoni.
  2. She speaks Hindi and Kumaoni.
  1. My mother is an indian.
  2. My mother is an Indian.
  1. She is home maker.
  2. She is a home maker.
  1. My father name is Philip.
  2. MY father’s name is Philip.
  1. She has got long hair.
  2. She has got long hairs.
  1. He works in Thermal power plant.
  2. He work in thermal power plant.

1. 2
2. 2
3. 2
4. 2
5. 2
6. 1
7. 1


Introduction To Writing

You can go and read those n number of sample answers, cross check them with yours and pick out some good words from there, fit it in yours and then move with it. But then how long is it going to help you, even more can it help you if you are a novice to English. What if the entire question boils down to this one fact that you don’t understand how to analyse a bar graph or a line graph. You don’t understand what the fuss about essays is and what the things you must consider while writing them are. Even more how can you write impressive letters?
Well, we have a solution. Right now, I am not talking to those who are pretty good in English, have studied all through their lives in English medium schools and listen to English songs and need just mere time to improve a bit and get the desired band in IELTS. I am referring to those who have dreams of going abroad, living life they have dreamt of, but somehow, may be because of circumstances or any other reasons, haven’t been able to give English the required time and this has led them to a rather weak spot.
I hope you are going through the reading course and improving on your reading skills. But then IELTS is not just about reading, isn’t it? It is about speaking, listening and writing as well.
And so, we are now beginning with a writing course. You shall not find sample answers or other tricks and traps you read everywhere. In this course, you shall be taught, how to frame sentences, how to join them and make a paragraph and then make a complete sense out of it. How to then link those paragraph and create what is called a master piece, a perfect example of write up.
So, if you are someone who knowns vernacular language but has issues in expressing ideas in English, we bring to you the writing course.
This course, like the reading course, will have three levels.
Level 1 – You will learn how to express ideas in English. You will be learning the English words for your ideas.
Level 2 – Here you will be taught how to frame sentences, how to make sense in English out of what you know.
Level 3 – When you reach this level, you will learn how to frame paragraphs and then link them to create a fantastic right up.

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