IELTS Speaking # Describe someone who learned a foreign language?

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card

Describe someone who learned a foreign language?

  • Who this person is?
  • Which language did he/she learn?
  • How did he/she learn it?

And explain what you think about this language and its benefits.

Sample Answer

In this swiftly advancing time, being bilingual or multilingual has become mandatory. Someone who just knows their mother tongue faces a lot of challenges mainly in their professional lives. This cue card topic brings to my mind a colleague who learned French in order to get better placement opportunities abroad. I remember making fun of him for joining an Institute to learn a foreign language. It was later when a job preferred candidates who were multilingual that I realized the significance of learning a second language.

Apart from English, French is a widely used language for international communication. My friend, Saumya received an offer letter of a multinational company in Canada and learning French proved an asset for her career.

Learning a new language enriches the mind and helps us interact with foreign natives, both personally and professionally. Recently at a wedding ceremony, I met Saumya and she told me about her professional achievements after learning a foreign language. I was surprised to look at her talking over the phone so fluently in French to her work colleagues back in Canada. She even told me about her plan to learn Spanish in the near future.

From my point of view, being multilingual is really beneficial when it comes to our future. Taking Saumya’s example, she got the opportunity to travel across the world and attend international conferences mainly because of her command over a second language. I personally admire the French people mainly for eloquence with which they speak, the sophistication with which they carry themselves and a sense of nobility that they possess. Being an internationally recognized language, French has numerous advantages. More importantly, not only French but learning any second language will always be fruitful.


  • Bilingual– speaking two languages fluently
  • Multilingual– able to use several languages especially with equal fluency.
  • Eloquence– fluent or persuasive speaking or writing
  • Asset– a useful or valuable thing or person

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