IELTS Speaking 2021 Cue Card: A person who knows a lot about something

IELTS Speaking 2021 Cue Card: A person who knows a lot about something

Describe someone who knows a lot about something

You should say:

  • Who he/she is
  • Where he/she lives
  • What he/she does
  • Explain why you think he knows a lot.
Sample Answer:

I’ve met many knowledgeable people in my life. Today, I’m going to talk about a person who knows a lot about automobiles.

His name is Gagan Agarwal. Originally, he is from a small town in Panjab but his family moved to Delhi 5 years ago. So, now, he lives in Delhi with his parents.

Gagan works as an executive car designer in Suzuki, a renowned automobile company. He is appointed in the head office in Delhi. He completed his Bachelor’s of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delhi in 2015. Thereafter, he was selected by Suzuki.

I feel that Gagan is a towering intellectual. Despite being a fresh graduate, he was offered a place in a world-class organization. Many senior people struggle for years to join such companies. He made it in the first year of his career. That’s is definitely a remarkable achievement. Unquestionably, the credit for this goes to his in-depth knowledge of various disciplines of mechanical engineering and his creativity.

Another reason why I think he is brilliant is that he is an active learner. Normally, when anyone starts working, they don’t pay attention to improving their knowledge or skills. But, this is not the case with Gagan. He is always willing to expand his knowledge and learn new skills. He often reads magazines and attends seminars to keep him up to date with the latest technology. All these things make him different from others. I can’t stop admiring him. He is a role model for me.


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