IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Favorite Song

We all listen to music, it is for all of us an escape from reality. The times when we feel sad about things, when we feel happy, most often than not we try to express through music. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about favorite song.

Describe a song that you like.

You should say:

  • What is it.
  • How often you hear it.
  • What types of people listen to it.

and explain why you like this song.

I really love music and over the years there are lot many songs that have come up to inspire me and help me to get out of the rut that I am living in. But, the one song that I really fell in love and have enjoyed over the years is, “Both Of Us by BOB and Taylor Swift”.

The song is about the people who are trying to fulfill their dreams. It talks off their struggle, their emotions and how they feel when the world rejects them. The singer says that he is there for all of the people who are trying to fulfill their dreams. It is about how it is not about just lifting yourself from rut but also the people near you.

I love this song because in some ways it helps me to stay focused and move on towards my dreams. It is very motivating and the background music is amazing. I remember hearing this song on a loop when the days are tough and I am not able to do anything. Because it is on these days that I can fully relate with this song.

Most of the people hear to it, most probably the ones who are bothered about something or are trying hard to achieve something in their lives. It is that powerful, that strong, that you can actually feel powered hearing it.

favorite song

Our film industry is famous for making songs and we have produced some great songs of all times. But, the one song that helped me in so many different ways was
“Brothers Anthem”. The song is talking to an individual and is persuading him or her to believe that they have the potential and that they love God and now they need work so hard that even God, rises up and asks for his or her wish.
The reason that I love this song is because it is very positive and motivating. It does not talks about what you need not to do but  rather what you have to do for becoming successful. And more importantly, it tries to explain the essence of life. It is truly amazing and one could just go about listening to it again and again.

I remember during my training days, there were times when I was tired and did not knew what to do, there were times when I could not understand anything and in those times I used to listen to this song in a loop. For some reasons, this song gives me the motivation to move ahead in my life, to cross all barriers and just focus on my goal.

I think most of the people listen to this song for the same reason. It has got high beats and when you listen to it in a speaker it gives you the Goosebumps to go out and achieve something.



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