IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Travelling Parents

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Parents who work in jobs that require a lot of traveling have no time for their family. How does this affect the family and the parents? Discuss and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.


The world is a global town and people have started traveling more than ever. There are some who take on a journey for personal reasons while most of them have to go round the world for work. With globalization, more and more companies are expanding allowing business to grow, resulting in frequent business travels. Although frequent travels look fancy outside, they have an impact on the social life of individuals.

Parents who have to travel frequently are often left with very little time for their family. In addition, if the time duration of the visit is long, most parents miss out on the growing years of their children. For example, an employee working at my firm once complained of how his new born could not recognize him for few months. Even more, it takes away the daily routine of a family. There are more fluctuations with people moving in and out on regular basis. This often leads to a dismantled family where individuals know less of each other.

Often children, especially the teenagers, feel a lack of connection when their parents are not around for the most part. It has been observed that having parents at home when a child comes and goes out is good for the children psychologically. Studies have even proved that children who spend less time with their parents are more likely to have trouble forming relationships. Even more, having a healthy family life is more likely to boosts the confidence of individuals working in high-pressure jobs.

Overall, although traveling offers new experiences to individuals when done once you are part of a family, often leads to stress for both parents and the children.