IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Wildlife

We humans have a tendency to think only about ourselves. When faced with dogma on whether we should do something for our profits or should we do the right, we often take the profitable path. And with choosing the fruitful path we have sacrificed a lot. One of them is our wildlife. This time let us have a look at some of the questions on wildlife.

Do you think people should protect wildlife?

Definitely yes, protecting wildlife is not just about our responsibility but also about ensuring life is good for us. We are living in a planet where any imbalance effects the entire living beings. So, disparity in the nature ultimately impacts us. The food chain gets disturbed and our existence comes into question. What most people do not understand is that we exist because of wildlife and harming it, in turns harms us as well.

What impact do you think human actions have caused on wild life?

Human actions have disturbed the wild life. We have destroyed their home i.e. jungles and oceans. Not only this, in so many ways we have taken away from them their food. Like, extinction of one species does impacts the other which used to feed on it. Apart from this, human have so many times went on to kill animals for the sake of hunting. Our advancement in the field of science and technology, has led us to emit gases and cause pollution that has impacted the entire flora and fauna.

Why are animals important to us?

I am not an animal lover but the reason I think they are important is because they help in maintaining balance in life. So, if their no more lions there will be lot of deer and that will in turn imbalance the food chain. We being the highest at it will surely have to face the consequence. Apart from wild animals, the pets do help us psychologically.

Can you list a few items that are made from animals?

Well, there are so many. All the leather items are made from the skin of animals. Be it bags or belts or sometimes even clothes. There are even jackets and winter wears made from the fur of the animals. Surprisingly, nail polishes and perfumes are also made from some parts of animals.