What Women Find Offensive-2

I hope you have understood some of the things to avoid when talking to women. Below are some more things to avoid, when talking to women, especially in abroad.

4.Sweetheart/ honey etc-: These are some of the words we say to women we really like. They could be your daughter or your wife. Avoid saying these words in a workplace. Lot of professional women doesn’t like them. Use, if you really know them very well. Else, avoid using such words.

5.Sexual comments/ body language-: This is something serious. Making comments on how a women look could actually lead you to some trouble. For example, hey sexy or anything that sounds intimidating. She could complain against you in terms of sexual harassment. Also, make sure your body language is positive. Don’t look at her body while talking to her. It could make her uncomfortable.

6.“You do that well for a girl”-: You could put anything for “that”. May be, you drive well for a girl. Why is it an issue? Because it reinforces stereotypes. What it means is, you drive well even after being girl. Lot of women may find this offensive. Avoid it.

7.Age-: it is a good idea not to ask a woman about her age. Although some women may not be bothered about it, but a lot of women find it offensive. Especially if the woman is an older woman.

8.Bitch/cunt/ slut/whore-: These are the words that are very offensive to women. Never use these words. You may hear these words in songs but still do not use them. It can lead you to a lot of trouble.

Avoid this and bring back with you beautiful friendships and memories.


What Women Find Offensive

To those of you who are planning to study abroad or work there, you surely do not want troubles there. But the point is sometimes we just don’t know what actions of ours have led to the trouble. When working or studying in abroad, you will be interacting with women as well. Given below are some of the expressions what women find offensive. It could lead to nothing, or you may lose a job or may be a relation.

1.Pregnancy-: it might be the case that a woman has a belly and you go and ask them if they are pregnant. Although they might not get hurt, but chances are they may get a little uncomfortable. So prefer not to ask a woman about her pregnancy.

2.Weight-: Lot of women does not like comments on their weight. You may find a woman who is fat or may be skinny, but it is not a good idea to ask them about it. You may end up making the women uncomfortable and in the worst of scenario lose a lovely person.

3.PMS-: Every once in a month a woman has period. Some women, undergo mood swings during this time. Asking women about this could really make them uncomfortable, especially in a work place. So, avoid doing it.

If you have understood the above things, go on and check the next post related to this. and understand the other things women find offensive.