Words Explained

English is like an ocean. There are so many words. Some of them have the same meaning as others and some different. Lets look into some of the words explained below.

    Meaning-: to free from guilt or duty.
    Synonyms-: pardon, exonerate
    Antonyms-: accuse, inculpate
  2. ABHOR
    Meaning-: hate
    Synonyms-: loathe, detest
    Antonyms-: enjoy relish
    Meaning-: honor, award
    Antonyms-: disgrace
    Meaning-: a partner in crime
    Synonyms-: confederate, attribute, endure
    Antonyms-: deny, reject
    Meaning-: to approve, rectify
    Synonyms-: appoint, approve, authorize, certify, commission, empower, enable, endorse, entrust, guarantee, license, okay, recognize, sanction, vouch for
    Antonyms-: deny, disapprove, reject


    Meaning-: a similar natural passage
    Synonyms-: duct, pipe, pipeline,conductor, main, sewer


    Meaning-: to debase or make impure by adding impure materials into it
    Synonyms-: contaminate, pollute
    Antonyms-: purify, expurgate


    Meaning-: to be able to use both hands efficiently
    Synonyms-: deceptive, hypocritical, left-handed
    Antonyms-: clumsy, maladroit


    Meaning-: to make larger or increase the size
    Synonyms-:enhance, enlarge, expand
    Antonyms-:decrease, diminish

  10. GIBE

    Meaning-: to taunt or utter mocking words
    Synonyms-:sarcasm, swipe, joke
    Antonyms-:compliment, praise

Remember, sometimes it is not just about what you know, but more about how you express.


How Canadians Speak?

How do Canadians speak?

You must wondering, what do I mean how Canadians speak? Surely they either speak in English or French. But then there are some words that they speak differently from others. For e.g. Canadians usually add a “eh” after everything they speak. And today, we shall see some of them.
Canuck: it is a word for Canadian. It is so famous that Canadians have a hockey name after Canuck. Hockey is a very popular game in Canada.

  1. Toque: It is a winter hat. Toque is a French word and is pronounced as to-k.
  2. 2-4: it means 24 beers in a case. Canadians, also have a holiday, named May 2-4.
  3. Mickey: it is the smallest amount of liquor you can buy in Canada.
  4. A “40”: It means alcohol of 40 oz.
  5. A “60”: It means alcohol of 60 oz.
  6. Poutine: It is French fries with cheese and gravy (beef, fat).
  7. Double-double: It is a coffee with two creams and two sugars. You use it when you visit Tim Horton’s. A double-double won’t mean the same in every restaurant.
  8. A dart: for the world, a dart may be a game but in Canada, it is a cigarette.
  9. Weed: it is a slang term for marijuana. Taking marijuana is not legal in Canada. So, if you are going to study abroad, better stay away.
  10. Eh!: a tag question. You would find Canadians speak a lot of ‘eh’. It is kind of similar to ‘huh’.
  11. New fie: new fie is used for the people who are from New Finland. They are regarded one of the most generous people.

So, if you are one of those who want to go study Canada, surely go and try a double-double or maybe poutine, stay away from weed and be a Canuck.