Be On Tenterhooks # Idioms For IELTS

If you work hard for IELTS you will surely be on tenterhooks before the results. On tenterhooks? Go on prepare for IELTS, read more and find out what does it mean to be on tenterhooks.

That would be telling
Sentence-: letting you see through the records would be telling.
Meaning-: that would be divulging confidential information.
There’s no telling
Sentence-: there’s no telling on when the next earthquake will strike Nepal.
Meaning-: it’s impossible to know what has happened or will happen
On tenterhooks
Sentence-: three days before the result was announced, I was on tenterhooks.
Meaning-: in a state of suspension or agitation because of uncertainty about a future event.
Been there, done that
Sentence-: live life you are born now. Been there done that attitude takes away all the fun.
Meaning-: used to express past experience of or familiarity with something
Be there for someone
Sentence-: it is good to make promises, but to be there for someone, makes the difference.
Meaning-: be available to provide support or comfort for someone, especially at a time of adversity.
Once in a blue moon
Sentence-: She laughs once in a blue moon.
Meaning-: very rarely
On the hook
Sentence-: Go ask Anmol about this, she is on the hook for this.
Meaning-: responsible for something
Parrot Fashion
Sentence-: Kritika learns her chapters in parrot fashion.
Meaning-: learn word to word
Poker face
Sentence-: Daisy is poker face, I don’t know what she is hiding.
Meaning-: someone who does not shows any emotions
Over the moon
Sentence-: The day Harvard University called me for my acceptance, I was over the moon.
Meaning-: very happy


First Step Towards Abroad

The moment you decide you are going to study abroad, the inevitable questions just pop up. What college, which country, which course? Answering all these questions is not the end. It is the real beginning. so, what do you do once you have decided on the country and the course. You have got to fill the application form, provide scores of exams like GRE or GMAT and then the language proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities require a statement of purpose, recommendation letters or may be a writing sample.

Let’s begin with the first step. Filling the application form. Universities these days have a link to the application form once you visit their website.although some schools still accept paper applications, but it normally has a higher processing fee. Fill out all the sections of the application form. Once you have filled the form, you could either pay using credit cards or the different modes available. In the latter case, you need to download the application form. when sending offline, be sure to send the copies two weeks prior to the deadline. Remember, to keep a copy of the application form with you as well, for the records.
You must get two emails from them. First, that the application has received by them and the next one confirming that the application form is completely filled. Make sure to fill all the components of your application form, in case they get lost in transit, you may send them again.

It is not tough to get into a university abroad, but you need to be focused and not take things as trivial or for granted.