Letters Of Recommendation

Are you planning to study abroad? Does the universities you want to apply requires a letter of recommendation? Well, most universities in abroad do require a letter of recommendation.

What is it?
A letter of recommendation is an independent opinion about your potentials and your personality.
Who can write it?
When asking people to write a letter of recommendation, always ask people who know you. those people who are aware of your potential and your future plans to some extent. They could be your teachers or your employeers.
Who cannot write it?
A letter of recommendation from your family or friends is something you cannot do.
Does the stand of people writing it matter?
Yes it does. Obviously a letter of recommendation from the prime minister is always going to weighed more than that written by your teacher. But the point is don’t run after the position. Althouh position does matter, make sure the letter is written by someone who knows you.

Yes. A letter of recommendation is important. Make sure to inform the people who will write for you at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the submission. Also make sure you tell them what you are planning to do in terms of the course you have taken and the university you are applying to. This is important because only then will they be able to incorporate it in the letter. Most universities require three letters of recommendation.
Choose wisely, in the end what happens to you, depends on the decisions you take.

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