Learning The Expressions

Given below are some of the expressions that are verb, but are regarded as complete sentences in English. some of them are commands, some are request.

1. Cheer Up-:
meaning-: to be happy. So if you see some one sad, you say cheer up, because you want them to be happy.
2. Wait up-:
meaning-:It means wait for me. You say it when for example your friend is moving ahead of you and you want to walk with them. You say, wait up, I am coming.
3. Hurry up-:
meaning-: It is used when you want someone to do something faster.
4. listen up-:
meaning-: it is used when we are talking in a group and you want to bring attention to something you want to say. It means to listen carefully.
5. Calm Down-:
meaning-: This is used when someone is angry or really not in a good mood.
6. Slow Down-:
Meaning-:This expression is used when we want someone to do something slowly.
7. Go On-:
meaning-: Go On means to continue. It is usually used when someone is telling you something and you want to hear more of it.
8. Hold on-:
Meaning-:Wait. This is used when you want someone to wait for you. Like hold on, I am coming.
9. Get out-:
Meaning-: It is used when you want someone to just leave. It is not a happy expression.
10. Watch out-:
Meaning-: It does not mean that you need to start looking here and there. It means be careful.

Use the expressions, and remember, usually words have different meaning than what they sound to be like.

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