IELTS Speaking Tips ????

IELTS Speaking Tips

Use of the Third conditional for IELTS speaking

The students who appear for IELTS speaking tests are expected to use good grammar structure. In order to achieve higher band score, the candidates should avoid minor grammatical errors. Third conditional being one of it.

FORMAT: if + past perfect, …would + have + past participle

USE: when one has to talk about some event in past that did not take place. This is often used to express regret or assume the result of something that did not occur hence also known as ‘unreal conditions’.


  • If she had taken her medicines on time, she wouldn’t have felt sick. (But she did not take her medicines, so she fell sick).
  • He would have caught the train if he had left the house on time.


The sentences with the third conditions seems a bit negative than the first and second condition. It is a common error for candidates to put ‘if’ and ‘would’ together. 

For example-  

  • If you had left on time, you wouldn’t have missed the train.  
  • If you had asked me, I would have helped you. ( for writing)
  • If you’d asked me, I’d have helped you (for speaking)


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