Cue Card: someone gave you something you really wanted.

IELTS Speaking Task 2 Cue Card: someone gave you something you really wanted.

Tell about a time someone gave you something you really wanted.

  • When it was?
  • What it was?
  • How did you feel?

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Sample Answer

A lot of things happen to us on a daily basis. Some of the incidents we forget and the others become memories for a lifetime. A few days ago, due to a meeting, I had to stay back in the office after office hours. While going back to home, I noticed that my car was in a reserve mode owning to insufficient petrol. Since, I had gotten late, I did not stop at the petrol pump to get the fuel filled in my car. Moreover, I had withdrawn myself from the possible consequences of that negligence.

After reaching a few kilometres away from my office, the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. As it was already 10 at night, the roads were empty and desolate. Hence, no assistance was available nearby. On the top of that, I forgot my mobile in the office.  I was unable to ask my family and friends for any help. I was perplexed and totally blank in that awful situation. However, I was still waiting for a miracle to happen. I was standing on the road and looking left and right with a hope in my heart. Fortunately, I saw a biker coming towards me, whom I stopped and inquired about a fuel station close by. I came to know that it was a few kilometres ahead from there.

As I could not leave my car there, I decided to push the car until I find it. After an ordeal for almost an hour, I finally reached there and found it closed. I felt so disappointed and frustrated. While I was standing there, completely tired and hopeless, a person emerged out of the air. When he asked about my problem, I briefed him the whole incident. Without giving a second thought he called up his friend and asked him to bring some petrol for me.After a while his friend brought the petrol in a plastic bottle.Moreover, he denied for any payment in return. We exchanged our numbers and that angel has later become my best friend.

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