Speaking Part 2: Cue Card: Something important you lost

Speaking Part 2

Something important you lost.

  • What it was?
  • When and where you lost it?
  • How you felt after losing it?

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Sample Answer

I still remember, me and my colleagues were going to have coffee at a café next to our office building. I was carrying a wallet in my hand so that I could make payment afterwards. We all enjoyed the coffee and I decided to pay. When I was going towards the counter, I got an important business call. Somehow, I managed to pay the amount while being busy on the phone. We enjoyed our coffee and went back to work. An hour later, my friend asked me, if I could borrow him thousand bucks. In order to give him the money, I started searching for my wallet and all my efforts went in vain. Soon, I realized that probably I had lost my wallet somewhere in the café only.

That day, I could clearly understand the emotional cost of losing something you love.  That wallet was too close to my heart as it was a birthday gift from by my father. Therefore, I considered that wallet as my lucky charm .Losing something you love is a difficult situation to cope with. Loss is a loss whether it is big or small. It makes you feel that something you possessed is no longer with you.

Moreover, I was also carrying some important documents like ID card, driving license, and credit cards etc. in my wallet. I straight away went to police station to report the matter and get a copy of the official police report. Further, I had to borrow money from my friend to reach home. Overall that incident disturbed me and my life for some time.

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