Snacks # Speaking Sample Answer

Topic like snacks are more likely to be asked in the first section of the speaking test. Let us at some of the questions and their possible answers.

Do you likes snacks?

Sample A: No, not really. I eat less but often so I usually eat something that is healthy and more importantly fits well into my diet.

Sample B: I love snacks. I think they are the best way to escape that small hunger that creeps in every few hours. A light and healthy snack helps me feel refreshed.

Sample C: I would say, I stand in between. Neither do I hate eating snacks and neither are they very important for me. I would eat them if I have nothing else to eat or if I am in that mood. But, if I get something healthier I will go for it.

What kind of snacks are popular in your country?

Sample A: I guess people in my country usually like heavy snacks. So, one can find them eating samosa that is stuffed potato or stuffed chapatis. People also like having tea with either pakodas or biscuits.

Sample B: I suppose official people and corporates usually eat junk food because that is what they really get but the locals like to eat home made things for snacks like stuffed chapatis or papad.

Do you think eating snacks is healthy for your health?

Sample A: I think it all depends on what you are eating. So, if one is eating fruits in between the meals, I think it is fine. Also, some people don’t take full meals but rather prefer eating small meals more number of times. So, in that cases eating healthy snack is your way out.

Sample B: I suppose eating snacks is not the healthy way out. No matter what you are eating in snacks. Most of the times people find it as a way out to escape from work. So, when they are bored they go out and eat. It is both unnecessary and harmful.

How often do you eat snacks?

Sample A: My job requires me to sit form 9 till 8 in the evening. So, I go and have some snacks mostly at around 10 and then near 5 in the evening. I don’t prefer having snacks every hour and take them only when required.

Sample B: I love eating snacks. One can find me going in search of it every hour or so. My room is usually filled with lots of fruits and juices because I think they are really important if one needs to feel healthy in today’s era of rush.

How do you choose what snacks to eat?

Sample A: I like eating fruits and carry them with me or keep them in store for need. So, I would eat them raw or make a fruit chat out of them or juice, whichever seems easier and appropriate for the time.

Sample B: I am not very fussy about the snack that I eat. I usually go to the shop or the canteen and order randomly. The only thing that I am bothered about is the price. I just want cheap food that fills my appetite.

Did you ever eat snacks when you were a child?

Sample A: Yes, I did. But I remember back then it was my mother who used to prepare snacks so they used to be very healthy. Most of the time we used to get milk with fruits or any other juices.

Sample B: I never had time for snacks back then. We used to be so much engrossed in either studying or playing that food was a mere necessity which had to be fulfilled 3 or 4 times a day.

If you had a child, would you allow him/her to have snacks?

Sample A: I think definitely yes. Snacks are a good way to eat things you might avoid during full meals. Like fruits and other beverages. But, yes I will make sure that they eat only healthy stuff.

Sample B: I would prefer that they don’t eat too much of snacks but I don’t think I would be the strict parent forcing them. It would be their choice but from my side I would try my best that they eat only healthy food.

Have the snacks people eat changed over the last few decades?

Sample A: I think definitely yes. There has been a major shift in the economies of countries and with globalisation happening all around, what we eat has surely been influenced. Few decades before people preferred avoiding snacks but with changing times people started having home made stuff. But in recent times one can find people eating burgers and hot dogs and all the other fast food.

Do you think all snacks are junk food?

Sample A: Defineltely not. I think most of them are but then one can even eat fruits or juices for snacks and I think they are a perfect way to stay healthy.

Sample B: I think yes. Even if they are healthy foods like fruits eating too often is not the right way of eating, according to me. It not only distracts you from work but also creates a habbit of regularly eating.


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