IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a place near water.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a place near water.
  • Where is this place?
  • What did you do at this place?
  • Who did you go there with?
  • Explain why you liked this place?
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Sample answer

There are a lot of places one can visit all over the world with many sights and attractions to offer, along with different features. Many landmarks have breathtaking beach views and much more. Personally, I prefer to visit locations near water. If a place has any kind of a water body, such as a lake, a pond, or a river, I would enjoy visiting the place and spending time over there.

Well, after visiting many beaches, riverfronts, lakes, and ponds all over India I got a chance to drive up to a lake in the Himalayan Mountains. I went there with three of my colleagues who are my good friends as well. We went there during last winters, in the month of November. About the lake, it is very famous and is named Deoria Taal. Situated in a densely forested area along with variegated wildlife, it is very quaint. We drove to the nearby village and trekked up the rest of the way to reach the lake. It was a huge water body with very clean water. There was a grassy area towards three sides of it and dense trees on one. The water was stagnant and beautifully reflected the high snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance.

We went there not only to visit but to experience the beauty of that place and draw some calmness from that deep water body. It was an enchanting sight with pleasing views all around. We decided to camp out on the grass for two days and then set up the camps. I loved the peace in the surroundings, the calmness that shrouded everything, and the feeling as if the time had stopped. This experience that Deoria Taal has given me would always be cherished.

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