IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Clothes

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Clothes

Clothes are something every individual is aware of and wears. Therefore, the questions related to it are asked in the first section of the speaking, although some of them can even be asked in the follow up questions. For now, let us have a look at some of the questions related to clothes that can be asked in Part I

Are clothes and clothing fashion important for you?

Well, too an extent they are important, I like to wear clothes that suit my personality, however I don’t always go after the latest fashion or trend. For me, clothes are a way of representing myself, and I tend to choose likely.

What different clothes do you wear for different occasions?

I am a travel host, so in my job, I wear the clothes that symbolize the place that we are presently shooting. Like if we are in Southern India, I am more likely to wear, ghagra choli or a sari. However, apart from that, I am most likely to wear casual clothes in daily life.


Do you wear different kinds of clothes as compared to ten years from now?

Surely, yes. The trend has completely changed, although at basic level I wear the same kind. Like ten years back I wore plain jeans, now I am more likely to wear a rugged jeans.

Do you think the clothes we wear say something about us?

Yes, of course. I think it expresses the person’s personality too an extent. So, like a person wearing bright clothes tends to be more extrovert as compared to the one wearing mild clothes.


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