IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a book that had a major influence on you

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe a book that had a major influence on you.

  • What is the name of the book?
  • How did you first hear of the book?
  • What is the book about?


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Sample Answer

Books are tomes of knowledge that give every reader perspective. I am an avid reader and quite fond of reading books based on subjects such as religion, fiction, history, science, and motivation. Talking about a title that has influenced me, it would be the book “The Power of Subconscious Mind” which is written by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

My friend recommended the book to me after reading it himself, and I decided to read it. I purchased it from a book retail shop near my home. It was only when I started reading it, that I realized the real meaning of conscious and subconscious mind and how it works. It is categorized as a spiritual self-help book and has had a profound impact on my thoughts and changed my life in a positive manner.

Based on the law of attraction ideology of the writer, it is all about different stages of the human mind. A very interactive read, this book has many short stories based on real-life incidents as examples which portray that with the help of one’s subconscious mind they can get anything they want.

Moreover, it illustrates through stories the immeasurable power of the human will and how to make it work in our favour. This book has influenced me a lot in various ways. I have become more confident and sure of myself. It has taught me in the best way how to tackle tough situations with positivity. I have now decided to live my life with a stronger will by trying to exude the power of my subconscious mind. In my opinion, this book is a miracle and everyone should gain from its idea.

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