IELTS Speaking: Part 3 questions

Follow up questions related to animals

Q. 1: Do you think being cruel to an animal is the same as being cruel to a human?

Answer: Certainly, it is. Most animals can’t protect themselves when someone hurts or kills them but they do feel pain. So, in a way animal abuse is much more inhumane.

Q. 2: Should people be allowed to hunt animals for their own entertainment?

Answer: As far as entertainment is concerned, nowadays people have a lot of means to entertain themselves, so they shouldn’t be allowed to hunt animals for pleasure. In my opinion, hunting for fun should be banned globally. There is no point in killing helpless animals just for the sake of enjoyment. It is morally unacceptable. It’s abhorrent.

Q. 3: How can we help protect endangered species of animals?

Answer: Protecting endangered species is a challenging task. It requires a lot of efforts and commitment. As an individual we can financially support charities that work for threatened animals. We can even work voluntarily for such organizations.

Q. 4: What sorts of human activities make it more difficult for wild animals to survive?

Answer: According to a World Wildlife Fund report, farming, deforestation and hunting are the major human activities that have threatened the lives of thousands of animal species. Human induced climate change is also a serious threat to wild animals.

Q. 5: Is it fair to make pets out of wild animals?

Answer A: Absolutely not. They’re called wild animals for a reason. They’re supposed to be free in the wild. Freedom is their fundamental right. If you really want to have a pet, there’re plenty of other options.

Answer B: It’s a strange question. I’ve never thought about it. But, may be if you have the appropriate facilities, then I don’t suppose raising young ones should be a problem, although it might be a moral dilemma for some.

Q. 6: If a shark kills a human in the sea, should it be hunted down?

Answer: I don’t think so. Hunting is not a feasible solution to this problem as it can affect the ecology of the ocean. In my view, other precautionary measures like nets, drum liners or tagging can be more effective in dealing with the issue of shark attacks.

Q. 7: There are no intelligent animals except humans? Do you agree?

Answer: It’s true that humans are highly intelligent. But, other members of the animal kingdom show signs of intelligence. Chimps, elephants, bottleneck dolphins, dogs, cats and crows etc. are some examples of smart animals. Scientists are busy discovering just how smart they really are.


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