IELTS Cue Card # Talk about any law in your country

IELTS Cue Card: Talk about any law in your country 


You should say:
• What is the law?
• Why is it important?
• When was it implemented?
• Explain what steps have been taken to implement it.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer:

In my view, when it comes to effective administration in a large democratic country like India, the legislature needs strict laws. But, it should be taken into consideration that the government should not take away the rights and freedom enjoyed by its citizens. For this, the Indian constitution provides a powerful law. Today, I will be talking about a law which comes under the article 32 of the Indian constitution.
According to this law, any citizen of India can move to the supreme court directly if he finds any of his fundamental right unprotected and the apex court can issue a writ in that case. This law is also called the heart and soul of the Indian constitution.
This law has an immense importance. It not only acts as a safeguard of the fundamental rights of the Indian citizens but acts as a watchdog on the government. It applies reasonable restrictions on the ruling party and its wilful working style. In short, it provides a provision that the parliament cannot override the constitution in any case.
This law was implemented with the commencement of the Indian constitution on 26th January 1950. Interestingly, various judgements have been made in favour of this law since then. To be honest, I am not aware of any steps that have been taken to implement it.


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