IELTS Cue Card #Speak about a skill that was difficult for you to learn

IELTS Cue Card #Speak about a skill that was difficult for you to learn

Speak about a skill that was difficult for you to learn.
You should say:

  • What was that skill and where and when did you learn it?
  • How did it happen to learn the skill and how were you feeling while learning?
  • How did you feel after learning it?

IELTS CUE CARD # Speak about a skill that was difficult for you to learn

Sample Answer :

I was always interested in playing harmonica since my childhood days. At that time, when I was barely 5 years old, my mother bought a harmonica for me, from a local fair. It was a very tiny one, for kids only. I often used to play it, in whatever way I could. Later, when I went for graduation, my elder brother gifted me another harmonica, this one with proper size and notes. I felt delighted to have that. Thereafter, in my second year of graduation, I joined a music class, where I could learn playing the mouth organ. Interestingly, teacher was blind but despite that, he has very proficient in so many instruments. It was there, in that Taal music academy, very close to my university in Dehradun, where I learnt this skill of playing harmonica.

So, it was my childhood interest and later, that gift by brother, which pushed me in learning this skill. I used to have 2 hours’ classes in the evenings, where I was taught the basics of music notes and the instrument, in the beginning. Later on, we moved to the art of playing the organ, actually. In class, we were just two students, so the teacher could spend enough time teaching me about my instrument. Well, learning this skill was a challenge and fun both, together. At moments, I felt the task of memorizing different notes for different music, a bit tiresome and even a boring repetition. But then, my perseverance and curiosity to learn stood firm to facilitate my learning. I was happy to follow my childhood hobby in this evolved manner. Overall, it was a great learning experience and terrific fun being in the company of music.

And yes, my mother intervened in between and held our horses then. I was thinking what exactly my mother would say at that point. For a gap of few seconds I even felt fearful whether she would support my father and with a majority stake, my parents would kill my dream of having that special bike. But then she came up with a new idea of gifting me the car instead of bike because of safety concerns. As I was free to pick up my choice of car and because of the safety features involved in it, I gave my consent. Surprisingly, my father who seemed a bit reluctant on any gift, agreed too.

I learnt my lessons for nearly 10 months. After that, I was in a position to play almost every famous song of Hindi cinema. I could attune with the newcomer songs and even invent my own feeble compositions time and then. My harmonica became my best friend and company. I never feel bored now, even if alone. Because, with my mouth organ, I am never lonely.

Word Meaning
Perseverance deep patience: Even difficult targets can be achieved by perseverance.
Feeble weak: Body of an old person becomes feeble with growing age.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Do you like learning new skills?

Sample answer: Yes, I am very fond of learning new skills. I still remember clearly, how desperate I was on the day, when my father brought me my first new bicycle. It was my appetite to learn the skill there and then, that I learnt the driving in a single day. Later also, I was a sincere student of craft group in my school, where I learnt the skill of wood cutting and drawing.

Q. 2 Why do you like learning new things?

Sample answer: I believe that most primitive and aboriginal trait of humans is, the curiosity to learn. New things and novel experiences of learning always seem to be so interesting and fun filled. A pleasant feeling of acknowledging the new knowledge just sweeps over us, once we happen to learn a new task or skill. Therefore, it is this good feeling about, me being myself, that happens in acquisition of a new skill.

Q. 3 Do you think it is important to learn new skills for vocational purpose?

Sample answer: Yes, I think new skills are imminent for growth and development of the individual. For instance, computer training programmes and ITI’s impart hardware as well as software skills to the rural youth. This cultivates the skills required by the modern businesses and industries and enhances their chance for a productive employment. Learning new skills nowadays can be very instrumental in accelerating your career.

Q. 4 What do you think about the effectiveness of PM Skill Development Programme?

Sample answer: Well, PM Skill Development programme is a wise initiative by central as well as state governments. This acts as a podium for so many unemployed youths to learn new market oriented skills and a workshop to those already employed in informal sector, to augment their skills with latest technology and projects. So, I think, it is very effective in guaranteeing the job security to the people and further improve upon the operational skills.

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